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Fountain Inn, SC, July 21, 2021 — In response to businesses across all industries striving to find the most sustainable solutions for their products, IPS Packaging & Automation ( has proudly partnered with Sigma Stretch Film to introduce the new line of Vanish stretch film to customers around the nation.

The Vanish line of stretch film is brand new to the market and something customers and packaging professionals alike have never seen before. The film is specially designed to bio-assimilate back into the environment two years after its initial production date. Bio-assimilation means that the plastic degrades back down to its molecular weight, allowing it to be consumed by living micro-organisms in our ecosystem. After the Vanish film has fully degraded, it will be completely gone with no microplastics left behind in either marine or terrestrial areas.

The new Vanish film does not require any special conditions to degrade back into the ecosystem, but bio-assimilates most quickly when exposed to high amounts of UV, heat, and humidity, as well as when many micro-organisms are present in the surrounding area. In the ideal conditions, Vanish only takes about 180 days to completely degrade, while poor conditions (low UV, heat, and humidity exposure with little access to micro-organisms) will cause the film to degrade in approximately 720 days. Comparatively, standard PP and PE films will take over 30 years to break down.

Ryan Moody, IPS Packaging & Automation’s Vice President of Outside Sales, recently expressed the company’s excitement at bringing this sustainable new film to the company’s customer base and beyond. He states, “every year, the United States consumes nearly two billion pounds of stretch film and shrink film. That is more plastic than the combined weight of every person living in the metropolitan area of Los Angeles going into the waste stream each year. Some of this plastic likely ends up in our oceans where it contributes to microplastic pollution. Our newest product, Vanish machine-grade stretch film, can help combat this growing problem. IPS Packaging & Automation is proud to lead the sustainability evolution within our industry.” 

The company is very excited to welcome the Vanish line of stretch film into its array of packaging supply offerings. It complements an already diverse range of sustainable materials available, while also being the first stretch film of its kind. Consumers regularly ask for new, innovative ways that they can help the environment through packaging, and the Vanish film truly answers that call.

IPS Packaging & Automation looks forward to implementing Vanish film in facilities and warehouses across the country. Further information regarding sustainable products can be found at the following link or by calling (800) 277-7007:

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