A lumber company was using an expensive method to secure their mixed loads of lumber. Realizing that their production was slower than it should be, they decided to seek the help of IPS Packaging. Their Account Manager told them that switching to a BXT sealer would be a feasible option for their strapping needs because of its durability and affordability.

The BXT sealer is an extremely durable tool and requires far less time to strap a load than using a traditional manual sealer. It uses a friction weld joint that is much stronger than a metal seal and is priced about 50% less than current offerings. The customer was not only extremely satisfied with the way their operation was running thanks to the new sealers, but they also reported saving thousands of dollars a year on bottom line packaging costs.

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With superior performance and easy operation, this solution provided unlimited strap take up all while increasing productivity. With resilient construction, the BTS Sealer turned out to be a great decision for the lumber company looking for an inexpensive packaging method that would secure their lumber. IPS Packaging can help you find the right solutions for all of your packaging needs too!

The Problem: A lumber company was using an expensive and slow method to secure their mixed loads of lumber.

  • Expensive method of securing loads
  • Slow production process

The Solution: IPS Packaging suggested that switching to a BXT sealer.

  • Feasible and durable
  • Requires less time to secure loads
  • Saves thousands of dollars annually on bottom line
  • Easy operation/increased productivity
  • Superior performance

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