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Holiday Packaging Ideas

There are marshmallows for toasting and you might already be hearing some caroling out in the snow, because it’s the most wonderful time of the year. The holiday season is officially upon us and many across the globe are enjoying the good cheer that comes along with it. This also means that retailers are ramping up their holiday production lines so that consumers can enjoy holiday gift exchanges without hassle or worry. When it comes to how those festive goods stay safe and travel around the world, there are some key holiday packaging ideas you should know.

Holiday Shopping in the U.S.

Black Friday bargains and holiday shopping have been a big deal for a long time in the United States and remain incredibly popular in the modern age. This year, Deloitte estimates that holiday retail sales will actually increase by as much as 9% over those of 2020, with sales totaling anywhere between $1.28-1.3 trillion from November to January. Yes, that’s trillion with a T. In addition to overall retail sales for the holiday season, projections show that ecommerce is anticipated to grow as much as 11-15% in 2021 over the previous year. As holiday shopping stays popular this year, that means that so too will the need for holiday packaging supplies and ideas.

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Packaging Automation to Brighten Spirits

When it comes to holiday packaging, many people first think of red and green bows, festive wrapping paper, or other decorative features. But if you look behind the scenes of many manufacturing and retail operations, you’ll find something that works even harder to keep spirits bright — packaging automation and equipment. One of the most important benefits of automation as businesses prepare for the holidays is that it drastically increases productivity over that of manual labor alone. This allows you to keep up with demand, especially as both ecommerce and brick-and-mortar retail sales skyrocket this year. In addition to being able to produce the quantities your customers desire, you’ll also save money by reducing the amount of packaging materials that are wasted each day.

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Customized Cheer

Whether we’re holiday shopping online or in person, most of us usually like to throw in an extra treat or two for ourselves. And what could be more fun than receiving a holiday-themed package or product to really enhance our unboxing experience? Christmas customization can really set your business apart when it comes to providing that little extra something for your customers. Anything from festively decorated tapes that hold the box together to colorful tissue paper that protects your items during transit can take your customer’s experience to the next level. 

Consider adding in items like custom stickers, thank you notes, and packaging inserts. These can be leveraged even further by encouraging social media sharing with a creative holiday hashtag or exciting giveaway.

Protect Your Joy

Protective packaging is always a sound idea, no matter the time of year. But it becomes especially crucial during the lead up to the holiday season. Most people, particularly those who do their shopping online, are in somewhat of a rush to get their gifts ordered and delivered before the holiday arrives. When waiting until the last minute, these shoppers get even more frantic than usual. Should a new smart device or a fragile mug arrive at their home damaged with no time to order a replacement, you’re almost definitely going to have an upset customer on your hands. Protective packaging supplies, such as air pillows, kraft paper void fill, foam in place systems, and beyond are a simple strategy for reducing product damage and keeping customers happy. Furthermore, this reduces your expenses by minimizing the costs of returns and replacements – especially when customers need priority shipping on their new product.

May Your Holidays Stay Bright

Staying on top of your holiday packaging can make the difference between boom and bust during the festive season. If any of these ideas spark your interest and you want to get started on them, give one of our packaging experts a call at (800) 277-7007 today.