IPS Packaging Delivers Shrink Wrapper Adaptable to Multiple Product Lines

The TS37 Side Seal Horizontal Wrapper is the most versatile packaging machine on the market. Because the continuous motion TS37 eliminates the need for multiple forming heads, it has the quickest, easiest changeover available - no tools are required. To provide even greater versatility, the machine can be cleaned without being dissembled.

The TS37, with is compact design, can be easily accommodated into any production line, because the product remains on the center line: both the conveyor and trim sealer are laterally adjustable, eliminating the need to move the machine to the product flow or the product to the trim seal assembly.

• Welded Tubular Steel Construction
• Central Lubrication for easy and complete preventive maintenance
• Needle Hole Punch System
• Rapid Hand Wheel Changeover
• Relaxed Film Tension at Cross Seal

Lugged or belted infeeds of various lengths are available

• 17 inch wide Seal Bar and Hot Wire Trim
• Capable of up to 4 inch height capacity
• 10 inch wide x 6 ft long Infeed Conveyor

The TS37 side seal, horizontal wrapper is one of the most versatile packaging machines on the market today.”

Maximize your equipment efficiency.

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Total Packaging Cost Summary:

» Speed - Up to 70 packages per minute
» Efficiency - Fast and easy change over for multiple products
» Sustainability - Rugged steel construction
» Reliability - Low maintenance, easy cleaning capability

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