Working with a Packaging Engineer

While we may not realize it, packaging engineers are kind of like superheroes. Just think about it – every product you see needs packaging, whether it’s on the shelves at your local supermarket or something you purchased from Amazon. Each item you come across may need primary packaging to protect the actual components, secondary packaging to bundle a small set of items, and tertiary packaging to ship it all to the stores you patronize. But who is it that creates packaging for the goods we buy every single day? The answer is a packaging engineer. 

What Does a Packaging Engineer Do? 

Packaging engineers design all levels of packaging for any type of product. This can be anything from the containers that hold your favorite snacks and keep them fresh at the grocery store all the way to custom packaging components that keep your car’s bumpers safe from scratches as they travel from one factory to the next. A packaging engineer’s specific job may be to construct protective primary packaging or they may instead specialize in devising customized packaging automation lines for manufacturing facilities. No matter what kind of materials or equipment your business needs, there are a host of reasons why you should work with a packaging engineer. Here are just a few of the most important. 

a packaging engineer talks to colleague in front of a whiteboardA Package Engineer Knows Where to Start 

When you first set out to conceptualize and create packaging for a new item, you probably get an immediate sense of being overwhelmed. Even trying to decide the right materials to use can feel like an uphill battle. Why should you struggle through the packaging process when you could focus on optimizing your products? Let expert packaging engineers handle all the details instead. 

Packaging engineers will understand precisely how to accomplish all of your goals for product protection without sacrificing the aesthetics of your containment method. They’ll know exactly what kind of material works best to safeguard your goods while staying within budget. Right from the get-go, you’ll be able to utilize a great type of packaging material that draws your customers’ attention, all thanks to a packaging engineer. 

Packaging Engineers Can Right Your Previous Wrongs 

We get it. You wanted to go for a less expensive option and crafted all of your initial packaging on your own. Maybe you pieced together a containment method sourced from a variety of different suppliers and materials or maybe you just hopped online and chose the cheapest box you could find. This may have seemed like the best way to save some money on shipping, but now you’re likely facing damaged products, upset customers, and fruitless insurance claims. Thankfully, you don’t need to freak out quite yet – a packaging engineer can help solve your previous errors. 

Once a packaging engineer steps onto the scene, they can evaluate your current and previous packaging setups. Not only will they find any flaws, but they’ll also provide the best solution to fix those problems. This means you’ll see better product protection during the entire supply chain process, which saves you time and money in the long run. You even get the invaluable benefit of better peace of mind each time you send a shipment out to the world. 

Packaging Regulations Don’t Phase Packaging Engineers 

Rules, rules, and more rules. How is an average person supposed to remember every little detail and regulation that governs the packaging world? It sometimes seems like every product out there comes with a different rule dictating how it must be shipped. Well, remember how we said a packaging engineer is kind of like a superhero? Packaging regulations are just one area where these engineers can show off their superhero intelligence.  

Unlike us normal folk, a good packaging engineer has a thorough understanding of all the different rules and regulations in the packaging industry. They know how to navigate the statutes enforced by agencies like the FDA or FTC, as well as the specifics of each material that is or isn’t in compliance with those decrees. These talented packaging engineers can help you label each box correctly, meet size regulations, and ensure that your package has the aesthetic you want with the protection your item needs. 

a packaging engineer collaborates with a client over a drawing and a computer

A Packaging Engineer Saves You Money 

Handling your own packaging needs may seem like the easiest way to save money, but this is hardly the case. Inadequate packaging design results in damaged products, expensive returns and replacements, and time-wasting insurance claims that often result in nothing.  

The good news? Packaging engineers specialize in creating the optimal packaging design to reduce waste, minimize damage, and boost your bottom line. On top of this, they can help you select the most cost-effective materials and find the best strategies for lowering your shipping costs. Even if you spend a little more upfront to work with the engineer, you’ll see long term cost reductions that help to keep your business in the black.  

Packaging Engineers Know the Ideal Automation Solutions 

Not sure what type of automatic packaging equipment you might need? Even if you know you need a stretch wrapper more than you require a case sealer, do you know the make and model that are best suited to your business and packaging line? While the internet can certainly help you do some of the research, Google will only get you so far.  

As we mentioned earlier, there are packaging engineers who specifically focus only on packaging automation and equipment. This means they know the ins and outs of nearly every machine on the market and keep up with all the latest updates and releases. Additionally, these packaging engineers can assist with creating an optimized automatic packaging line for your business with all the compatible materials. It'll flow beautifully, reduce your labor hours, and create secure packages that can withstand the entire supply chain process. 

Packaging Engineers Bring Incredible Value 

From these points alone, it’s clear that a packaging engineer will bring outstanding value to your entire operation. They are highly skilled professionals that will provide incredible returns on your investments in both packaging materials and automatic packaging equipment. Even more, they allow you premium peace of mind when it comes to your products’ security and let you keep your focus on the goods themselves.