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IPS Packaging & Automation Announces New Interactive Automation Drawing Tool 

Fountain Inn, SC, April 12th, 2021 – Packaging supply and automated equipment distributor IPS Packaging & Automation ( is pleased to announce the newest addition to their premium lineup of service offerings, their unique Interactive Automation Drawing Tool 

Established in 1976, IPS Packaging & Automation is a trusted partner of businesses across the United States. The distributor helps companies find the right packaging solutions for their unique needs, while assisting in controlling creeping costs at the same time. This exciting new online tool allows them to better serve customers around the nation by providing improved access to their inventory of automated packaging equipment. 

With the help of this new feature, users will be able to custom design a completely automated packaging line that is created specifically for their facility. The process is simple. An individual looking to automate all or part of their packaging process only needs to look through the selections of different machinery, supplies, personnel, and more. Then, they will drag and drop any item they’d like onto the provided digital graphing paper and arrange them as preferred. After that, clicking the “Preview Sketch” button allows them to look at the completed version and either edit as needed or submit to IPS Packaging & Automation’s team of expert packaging automation specialists.  

line drawing of packaging automation line with blue text info above

When asked about the new tool, Derrick Murdock, CEO of IPS Packaging & Automation, expressed his excitement. He says, the team here at IPS Packaging & Automation is always seeking new, innovative ways to serve our customers and others. Our new Interactive Automation Drawing Tool is unlike anything else in the industry. Individuals can now easily conceptualize and plan an automated packaging line that’s ideal for their own unique needs before they ever even pick up the phone. We’re thrilled to introduce this new tool to the public and help companies throughout the United States achieve increased efficiency, output, and savings through packaging automation.” 

The company invites anyone who may be interested in automating their packaging process to utilize this helpful new tool or to contact them for further information and consultation. Learn more about all of IPS Packaging & Automation’s equipment capabilities at the following link:  



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