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Fountain Inn, SC, September 15, 2021 – IPS Packaging & Automation ( is pleased to introduce new order tracking software that allows customers to stay updated on the status of their shipments in real time. This dynamic new software, called IPS Deliver, brings to-the-minute updates on order deliveries via email.

The IPS Deliver feature works simply to keep customers informed. Each time someone places an order with IPS Packaging & Automation that is shipped via the in-house shipping and logistics network, they will receive an email with custom order updates. This begins as soon as the truck heads out for delivery and then follows up when the buyer’s destination is next in line, again when the truck is a certain number of minutes away, and finally confirms when the order has been delivered.

Scott Beam, IPS Packaging & Automation’s Director of Operations, states that “Based on feedback from customers around the nation, we’re implementing IPS Deliver as a simple and effective method for order and delivery tracking. This all-new web interface enhances the customers experience by allowing users to see all delivery information in real-time. It also provides instant access to customer signatures and photos for proof of delivery, which significantly improves delivery and collection accuracy.”

IPS Deliver joins the company’s diverse lineup of services created specifically to improve the customer buying experience. Other features offered by the company include custom packaging engineering services, routine equipment maintenance programs, and much more. To discuss how to get started with IPS Deliver for all future orders and shipments, please contact your account manager or other representative at IPS Packaging & Automation.

Established in 1976, IPS Packaging & Automation grew to become a multi-location packaging supplier that partners with customers to mitigate creeping expenses related to labor, freight, and damaged goods. When the company's technology platform is combined with its teams of engineers and automation specialists, IPS Packaging & Automation can guarantee year-over-year innovation and savings to the exclusive partners that commit to them.


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