Recycled Kraft paper usually contains one hundred percent recycled fiber. Recycled Kraft paper is approximately sixty percent post-consumer waste and forty percent post industrial waste. Recycled Kraft is available in a natural finish that appears brown in color and only in basis weights from 30# and up. The mills that make Recycled Kraft paper continually work to improve the quality of Recycled Kraft Paper.

Although Recycled Kraft paper is more impure than and not as strong as Virgin Kraft paper, Recycled Kraft paper has made huge strides in the last decade. Recycled Kraft paper now surpasses Virgin Kraft paper in all but the most demanding applications where burst and tear strength are top priorities. Recycled Kraft paper is one of the most economical papers we offer at IPS Packaging.

Recycled Kraft paper has even gained wide acceptance in the printing market. Recycled Kraft paper is easily recycled in both industrial and municipal waste streams. A variety of end users utilize Recycled Kraft Papers for a variety of applications. These end users include: Bottom wrap, Carrier Sheet, Floor Covering, Masking, Skid and pallet covering, Dust Cover, Inner wrap, Interleaving, Void-fill, Box and tray liners.