Industrial Printing Company Makes Change to Environmentally-Friendly Shrink Film

Industrial printing companies commonly face issues with the overuse of shrink film. One such company was looking for a way to cut down on the excess of shrink film, while also researching environmentally-friendly plastic recycling options. Plastic recycling has been increasing rapidly, but what most don’t know is that plastic types cannot be mixed for recycling. The customer found that they were using a polyolefin film that fell under plastic identification code 7. This type of film, a combination of polymers like polycarbonates or ABS, has very little recycling potential and is virtually useless to a recycling agency.

Distressed by this news, the printing company came to IPS Packaging for a solution. IPS suggested the use of an alternative shrink film. This new film, under plastic identification code 4, permitted the customer to start recycling their film with the normal poly scrap. Not only did the new low density polyethylene shrink film allow the company to start to successfully reduce their carbon footprint, but since the change was to a green polyolefin film, they are now meeting and exceeding their corporate green initiatives while saving money and reducing resources.

• Shelf appeal
• Variety of grades and sizes
• Improved performance
• FDA compliant

With the change in shrink film, the customer is now meeting and exceeding their corporate green initiatives

• Minimal material costs
• Maximum production efficiency
• Savings up to 25%
• Environmentally-friendly

With the amount of shrink film being wasted per year, the industrial printing company was greatly concerned about reducing their carbon footprint.”

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Total Packaging Cost Summary:

» Material= Reduction in material costs
» Reliability= Efficient and effective
» Savings= Up to 25%

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