IPS Packaging eliminates the inner box with shrink film

Converting from cardboard packaging to shrink wrapping not only cuts packaging costs and improves efficiency, but also provides a much more durable packaging solution with superior pack integrity. The preceding RSC inner cases cost $0.24 per case, whereas the LDPE shrink bundles cost $0.08 per pack and provides flexible arrangements.

The dual-lane design enables the 708HB to shrink wrap two bundles simultaneously or produce one larger bundle. Its multi-row collation allows the 708HBD to customize packages into multiple configurations. The 708HB’s compact design and clean
operation are the result of the innovative motorized pulley drive system, which eliminates the need for separate drive motors, chains and belts. This greatly decreases the maintenance, operator hazards, and the higher costs associated with maintaining conventional motor systems.

• Output at up to 25 packs per minute
• Ultra-compact tubular stainless steel frame
• Bridge for short packages
• Self-tracking conveyor belts

IPS suggests the use of the 708HBD for square and even packages.

• Integrated shrink tunnel with turbo cooling section
• Powered film unwind
• Intermittent motion wrapping
• Heavy-duty stainless steel construction designed for durability and around-the-clock operations

The 708HB can produce up to 10,000 packs per day.

Maximize your equipment efficiency.

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Total Packaging Cost Summary:

» Savings= $1,800 per day, $9,000 per week
» ROI= 14 weeks

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