There are many differences between skin and blister packaging, in the following paragraphs we will describe the differences and similarities between blister and skin packaging and their benefits.

Blister packaging has the highest “perceived value” on the retail shelf.  Blister packaging provides clean lines, a glossy protective PVC outer shell and a base for good graphics.

Skin packaging is often used for lower cost items and accessories which make it a perfect solution for packaging lower cost items. In many ways, a skin packaged product is superior to blister packaging because you can change the size of the product and still use the same size board which is great for products such as circular saw blades, screw drivers, tools etc. Using the same boards for different size products will ultimately save you money.

General qualities of skin film packaging are as follows:

  • Sheet size: per customer speculations
  • Coating: water-based heat seal
  • Die Cutting: Internal die cuts quoted upon requests

The following checklist will guide you in your skin packaging decision making process:

What will your product sell for?
If it will be selling for under $5.00, skin packaging may be the best option.

What is the volume of your packaging production runs?
If they are greater than 1 million units, skin packaging may be the more cost effective solution.  For volumes between 25K and 500K, both blister and skin may prove to be identical in cost.

What is the item that you are packaging?
If it is related to hardware, accessories, metal components, drill bits, or anything that is small and light, skin packaging may be the best solution.

Will your package be holding several different items that you want the consumer to be able to view?
If so, skin packaging is a good format.

Do you need images or icons on your package to help explain what it is or what it does?
Blister cards provide the best surface for printing clean graphics as virgin SBS (solid bleach sulfate) is most commonly used.  A mylar film covers the complete front surface of a skin card, which can inhibit the clarity and overall printing quality of a skin card.


The benchmark by which all other skin films are judged

  • Strong
  • High Gloss
  • Fast Cycle
  • No Board Curl
  • Puncture Resistant


  • High Strength LDPE
  • Good impact

Immediate Ship Skin Pack Film Features:

  • Rolls are individually boxed
  • Ships in 3 working days
  • Made with pride in the USA
  • Freight prepaid at 2 pallets (shared freight to some states)
  • Full surcharge


  • High clarity homopolymer LDPE

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