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Cohesive Packaging Applications

cohesive packaging

Improve packaging efficiency with cohesive material Self-adhering cohesive packaging creates a quick wrap around any product. All it takes is a little pressure, preferably by automated equipment, and your product is protected. The cold seal sticks to itself and nothing else with a natural rubber latex. There’s different types of cohesive packaging materials too. What are cohesive packaging materials? Cohesive paper Cohesive corrugated Cohesive film Cohesive linerboard Cohesive bubble Cohesive paper– Economical and easy to use material that closes around

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Cohesive paper: Cro-nel

Automated Solutions, with over 100 years of research and innovation to draw upon, has developed a full line of products ready to solve a wide variety of cold seal packaging challenges. An innovative product in the paper line is their product, Cro-Nel. The wraps or pouches this product produces are easily formed by pressing the cohesive surfaces together. No heat or supplementary closure, such as tape, glue, or staples are required. The cohesive paper surfaces adhere to themselves only and

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