Improve packaging efficiency with cohesive material

Self-adhering cohesive packaging creates a quick wrap around any product. All it takes is a little pressure, preferably by automated equipment, and your product is protected. The cold seal sticks to itself and nothing else with a natural rubber latex. There's different types of cohesive packaging materials too.

What are cohesive packaging materials?cohesive packaging

Cohesive paper- Economical and easy to use material that closes around a product to provide protection from dust and dirt when cushioning isn't necessary.

Cohesive corrugated- When cushioning is necessary, this is your ideal packaging. The corrugated material comes in a variety of flute types and paper grades for customized protection.

Cohesive film- Great when tear, puncture, and water resistance is necessary. These films comes in a variety of customizable options.

Cohesive linerboard- Extra heavy paper that provides increased corner and surface protection compared to the cohesive paper. Available in different weights to provide the protection your products require.

Cohesive bubble- Superior cushioning material used to protect from damage, vibration, and abrasion. Best used for surface protection and can be used in manual and automated packaging applications.

Cohesive Product Packaging

Here's an example of the industries that use cohesive packaging materials.

Ecommerce packaging and Retail

  • Apparel, soft goods
  • Jewelry and accessories
  • Gifts
  • Electronics

Cabinetry and Millworkcohesive for cabinetry

  • Doors, panels, and drawers
  • Hardware, parts and supplies
  • Trim and molding


  • Catalogs and online
  • fulfillment warehouses
  • samples
  • infomercial sales

Industrial parts

  • Component kits
  • Aftermarket upgrades
  • small and bulk parts
  • replacement parts

Books, CDs, DVDs and other mediaCohesive packaging for books

  • CDs and DVDs
  • Books new and used
  • Business cards and catalogs
  • Video games and software

Automotive and Transportation

  • Auto part fulfillment
  • Parts kitting
  • Replacement and aftermarket parts

Automated Cohesive Packaging

Cohesive Packaging Systems

Shipping 100,000 packages a day? How about 500? Either way, the process you use to package your products is essential to ensure customer satisfaction. Automated cohesive packaging will protect your goods and improve your overall productivity. Looking to lower labor costs and amount of workers on the floor? Automated packaging will do that for you, and you'll see an ROI in just a few months. Some automated cohesive packaging machines achieve 15-35 packages per minute.

Learn more about packaging equipment and automation.

Cohesive materials and automated equipment benefits

  • Reduce labor costs significantly
  • Increase number of items packaged per hour
  • More efficient packaging process
  • Shipping and postage savings
  • Reduction in total cost per package
  • Fast ROI
  • Automated equipment customized for diverse market needs

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