Tesa Tapes Offered

Tesa Tapes (New Corrugated Tapes as shown).

Tesa Fastening Tapes

Tesa Fastening Tapes offer reliable, cost-effective solutions for a variety of market-specific applications, including permanent bonding, temporary fastening, plate mounting and splicing:

Permanent Bonding Tapes: A variety of options provides age resistance, high shear and superior bond, even on difficult surfaces.

Plate mounting Tapes: Ensure high-quality print results, residue-free removal, and improved handling/demounting.

Splicing Tapes: Provide reliable and secure performance in splice applications, even on difficult surfaces and under extreme temperature conditions.

Tesa Tapes (New Corrugated Tapes as shown).

Tesa Masking Tapes

Through state-of-the-art research, development and testing procedures, Tesa has developed numerous patented product formulations and technologies that provide a wide range of value-added solutions. Applications include paint masking in the transportation industry, furniture manufacturing and metal finishing:

Temperature-Resistant Tapes:
 Offer you exceptional holding power, clean removal, and superior cornering for high-temperature applications.
Fine Line Tapes: Provide excellent conformability and extra-sharp paint lines without residue for precision performance.

General Purpose/Painters’ Grade Tapes: Ensure excellent adhesive power under a wide variety of temperature and humidity conditions.

Tesa Tapes (New Corrugated Tapes as shown).

Tesa Packaging Tapes

Our Comprehensive line of Packaging Tapes ranges from general purpose packaging grades to high-performance products. Applications include carton sealing, palletizing, opening, bundling and surface protection:

TPP Tapes: Tensilized polypropylene tapes offering a combination of strengths and a “rubber band” effect for reinforcing and bundling applications.

Tear Tapes: A variety of thickens, tensiles and core options are available. Ensure reliable, consistent opening of cardboard boxes and envelopes.

Carton Sealing Tapes: Efficient, cost-effective film and paper-based products. Excellent printability on select surfaces.

Filament Tapes: A variety of filament reinforced tapes offering a range of strengths for a multitude of demanding applications.

Tesa Tapes (New Corrugated Tapes as shown).

Tesa Auxiliary Tapes

Duct Tapes: A broad range of polyethylene/cloth tape products for a full spectrum of applications.

Specialty Tapes: A unique assortment of products including transparent cellophane tapes, paper bandoliering tapes and an innovative product called Printer’s Friend (the original roller-wrap tape, providing wrinkle-free transport of substrates through a web system).

IPS Packaging was established in 1976 in Greenville, South Carolina as a small, family business. As one of the top ranking companies in South Carolina, IPS Packaging has continued to grow in the packaging industry throughout the United States and abroad. Even with the broad scope of sales regions, IPS Packaging is still able to provide the highest level of customer service.  For more information on IPS Packaging’s packaging solutions, call 800.277.7007 or contact our Sales team.

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