Guide: The Ultimate #Packaging Knowledge Guides are here

Learn more about the key elements of packaging your pallets with our new #PackagingKnowledge guides:

  • The Ultimate Stretch Wrap Guide: Stretch film is used to wrap items on pallets, securing them to themselves and the pallet during the shipping process or for storage purposes, reducing product damage and loss, as well as discouraging pallet tampering and pilferage.
  • The Definitive Strapping Guide: Strapping is one of the most used methods of unitization in packaging. Our definitive strapping guide will give you all the information you need to make the right choice for your business: steel strapping vs. poly strapping, type of application, and whether you should automate the process.
  • The Complete Foam-in-Place Packaging Guide: To keep it simple, as logistics shippers switch to a density price model, retailers are best advised to select quality containers. They are smart to insulate and protect contents in the most cost efficient and secure way. And, sometimes, custom packaging is just the only way.

These guides will walk you through all the basics, the advantages, the disadvantages, the questions to ask, and the things to think about when it comes to application method.  These aren’t sales pitches because, frankly, you don’t have the time or the patience.  They’re resource guides, based on our decades in the industry and our knowledge, resources, and training, that you can review when you need them and can use as the time allows.

We hope you’ll see that we’re here to be a resources and a partner.  And maybe, when the time is right, you’ll give us a call to talk about your packaging process.

Coming soon:

  • The Complete Pallet Guide
  • The Total Guide to Automation
  • The Ultimate Service and Repair Guide

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