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EasyPack: The new, unique paper system for void fill

Blocking and bracing ensure the complete elimination of product movement inside a box by securing the product using strategically placed packaging. It’s excellent for oddly shaped products and for products that do not require a complete void fill option. Total protection refers to a resiliant safeguard solution for items that require comprehensive cover. Finally, general void fill is the technique used for filling spaces in a box to reduce the potential of movement in transit. EasyPack by Pregis offers a

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Do you know who to call for strapping tool repairs?

Who you gonna call? Not the Ghostbusters, this time. If you’re in need of strapping tool repairs, give us a call. With a full-service center to do strapping tool repairs on-site or in-house, IPS Packaging continues to be committed to being your total solution provider. We can fix hand tools or provide parts and on-site servicing of most major strapping manufacturers, including Signode and Fromm. And with access to schematics of all major tools, we’ll provide you an answer as to why

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eBook: How much does shipping damage really cost?

Quality delivery improves customer loyalty. The buying experience dramatically improves when they open a package to discover products exactly as they expected. To be honest, anyone of us would be more likely to understand damage to a paperback book we ordered off of Amazon over the newest iPhone we ordered. Easy access to purchase and parts with the hassle of foam peanuts and bubble wrap is also a real plus, as is the easy removal of contents with the hassle of containers

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Stretch wrapping machines trending up

Bottom line, increased wrapping equals increased units ready for shipment each day. A robotic pallet wrapper is an example of a turn key packaging solution for customers wishing to increase the amount of palettes they produce in a single hour. The robotic pallet wrapper can produce an impressive 37 loads per hour while ensuring consistent quality each time a pallet is wrapped as the process is mechanically controlled by the stretch wrapping machine itself.

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Bagging machine improves supply chain

As technology within the industry advances, innovations in packaging equipment are making packaging more secure and affordable. Bag packaging can be an essential element to the safe transportation of products along the supply chain. While manufacturers wish to take all the proper precautions in the creation of their items, all of these precautions can be undone if it is improperly transported. This is because damage could be done to the product, be it in the form of a letting the wrong contaminants in, or through physical harm.

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