Houseware distributor converts to HC Versa from loose fill for performance benefits

A Midwestern distributor of housewares had been a long-time user of polystyrene loose fill from FP International. The loose fill was used in conjunction with a bulk air conveying system, which provided operators with hoses to dispense the peanuts into the cases. Although the system was fast, low cost, and protected the company’s shipments, there were two main problems:
1. The loose-fill created an undesirable mess at the plant
2. The company’s customer’s - retailers - would repeatedly complain about similar litter and disposal issues

These two strong negatives (the mess and customer complaint issues) were the drivers for the company to consider an alternative form of protective packaging.. A representative recognized the opportunity to conduct a “packaging value analysis” to help find a solution to the problem. A detailed evaluation of the packaged products, packing process, current costs and efficiency (speed, shipment weight, cost, protection, ease-of-use, etc.) was completed. Having thoroughly reviewed the operation, it was determined that the HC Versa system (producing 24=inch pads with medium height bubble) would be the appropriate solution to trial. A roll winder was added to each unit to create bundles that could then be easily transported to the pack stations, and mounted on a custom bundle dispenser for operator use.

The application mandated protective packaging of all six sides of the case. So, the pack solution was to lay two pads across the top flaps of the shipper in a cross pattern, place the houseware items on top and allow the pads to sink into the bottom, enveloping the contents on all sides. (Each case is actually a master shipper. Multiple products, some already in small shipping cartons, are commingled in the pack.)

Two units were tested for 60 days, scoring positive results for a variety of attributes including cleanliness and ease-of-handling. The company made the decision to add five more HC Versa systems to serve 14 pack stations and complete a full conversion from loose fill. The analysis showed that the HC Versa solution was an average of 5 cents or 7% more expensive per pack. However, the significantly improved customer satisfaction and retention, coupled with the DC experience made the modest cost increase acceptable. This green-lighted the conversion to the air cushioning system.

...the significantly improved customer satisfaction and retention, coupled with the DC experience made the modest cost increase acceptable.”

• AirSpeed HC (hybrid cushioning) Versa system produces inflated pad widths of 12, 18, and 24-inches.
• Compact dispenser head
• Produces three different cell heights: small (3/4 inch), medium (1 inch), and large (1 1/4 inches)
• Unit used in conjunction with HC-Flex Film, a 100% recyclable high performance, low-density polyethylene air pillow film that is made with 30% less resin than competitive hybrid inflatable cushioning alternatives.

IPS Packaging suggested the use of a Pregis AirSpeed HC Versa inflatable void-fill system.

• Quicker, more efficient packaging operation
• Improved air flow and work environment for employees
• Improved sustainability and biodegradability
• Simplicity: Easy to load, and operate with a simple start/
• Stop operator interface
• Speed: On-demand performance with the fastest machine
• On the market
• High Yield: Proprietary pattern and registered perforation
• Reduces material consumption
• Compact Profile: Enables easy placement and flexibility

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