5 ways to reduce packaging costs

1. Prioritize

Listen, we all have a lot going on, but this list is about the best ways to reduce packaging costs. This first one should be pretty obvious if you’re really going to save money here. It’s time to really think and understand your packaging. Not all boxes are alike and there’s a lot that goes into the decision making for packaging. What may be the cheapest way to ship something in the beginning, may not turn out to be the cheapest if it’s damaged. Sometimes upgrading to better materials will save you money in the long run.

Focus on the things that really matter for packaging: total cost of materials, durability during shipping, ease of handling, and storage.

2. Know your options

You may think you know everything when it comes to your packaging. We certainly claim to, but we’re here to help. We can spend the time to take a look at your packaging process to see where it can be optimized. It’s an honest look at your operations and ordering process to see where things can be improved. Sometimes it’s hard to hear You’re doing this wrong, but it could be the money saving step your missing out on. Our product specialists and engineers will find ways to reduce packaging costs that you may have overlooked. We spend the time studying the industry and being familiar with the products that effects companies like you. Don’t just keep ordering the same way you’ve been ordering for the past several years. The best way to save money is to take a look at the current process to see where it could be improved.

3. Equipment & automation

This one tends to keep coming up when we talk about process optimization and ways to save. The fact of the matter is that, yes there’s a good chunk of money you need to come up with in the beginning, but the positive ROI will be there. In just a few months you’ll see how equipment is one of the best ways to reduce packaging costs. Packaging equipment and automation will also reduce damage and production errors. There’s something to be said for having a quality, stream-lined packaging process to your business operations. There’s added bonuses too like putting an end to rising labor costs, and increasing production speed. We’ve given you stat after stat, but I shouldn’t have to explain how you won’t be able to compete with a machine when it comes to taping boxes.

REDUCE PACKAGING COSTS with equipment and automation

4. Reduce number of suppliers

Choose one supplier to reduce packaging costsYou knew were going to mention this one right? Of course we are, but it makes financial sense! Instead of stretching your company too thin trying to find the best prices, services, or solutions in the market, choose a one-stop supplier. Choose a company that has been doing it for many years, say since 1976 or so. That’s how they’ll be good for you, if they’ve been in packaging for this long they’re doing something right. The best prices may not necessarily be where you need to end up. There’s always different ways to save money on different packaging products. Choosing a complete end-to-end industrial packaging supplier will only help you reducing packaging costs. It’s about the big picture, not just how much you’re paying for tape. Maybe you end up paying more for tape to get a higher quality, but less in stretch film and strapping. Remember, think about the TOTAL COST of packaging.

5. Buy in bulk

Buy in bulk to reduce packaging costs

Don’t keep purchasing packaging supplies on an as needed basis. This isn’t good business and you could be missing out on huge cost savings across multiple categories of products. Some products have expiration dates, so make sure to check with your supplier on product life. There’s big discounts to be had for purchasing things in bulk instead of smaller increments. If that’s not enough to sway you, remember the last time you ran out of something important? That wasn’t fun, was it? You want to make sure you have enough packaging supplies to get through a regular and high-volume month. Just don’t go overboard with ordering where you’re left with too much extra product that could take up valuable warehouse space.

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