Bagging machine for ecommerce packaging

Ecommerce packaging made easy with bagging equipment

bagging equipment for ecommerceLooking for poly bags, plastic bags, merchandise bags, etc? Whichever way you call them, bags are everywhere in the ecommerce packaging world. Just think about the volume of mailers and other types of bags in circulation. Now think of all the labor needed to get everything into those bags. Talk about a long day at work. An automatic bagging machine can typically decrease your labor costs by 1/3.

Problems a bagging machine fixes

Stop me if you’ve experienced some of these pain points. Well, don’t stop me just keep reading so we can get rid of those problems.

  • Slow run and setup times
  • Customer complaints
  • Low productivity and high costs
  • Not knowing how to improve your packaging process

Alright good, you’re still here. You’re probably experiencing a few of those problems right now. Not knowing how to improve your process is where we come in and can help. Bagging equipment is the first way that we can solve these problems. They’re recommended for ecommerce, online retail, and mail packaging. Getting all of those items into the poly bags just takes too much time without a bagging machine. Never mind the extra time it takes to seal and label the bags as well.

bagging machine

Baggers and Accessories

How does automatic and semi-automatic bagging equipment solve these problem? There plenty of ways, 10 ways it can improve your process, actually. Faster throughput, labor reductions, lower maintenance costs, and shopping software are just a few of them. If you’re using over 10,000 polybags each month to bag your products, the up front cost of piece of equipment is justified. 

bagging machine bags on a roll

Bagging machine benefits

  • Process improvements
  • Better quality control
  • Accurate inventory management
  • Huge labor reduction
  • Improvements to order accuracy

It’s not just bullet points and buzz words though. Packaging equipment just makes everything easier and faster for your team and your entire operation. There’s statistical data that proves just how beneficial bagging equipment is. Numerous industries are using these machines, but it’s been proven to really help out the ecommerce industry.We’ve broken it down for you in a short eBook if you’re ready to learn more about these packing machines. Just click the link below for the free download, no strings attached.
eBook- Auto Bagging

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