There are so many different types of poly and plastic bags in the world of shipping, that it may feel a little overwhelming trying to figure out all the different kinds. We have put together a quick reference guide on different types of poly bags out there to keep your head from spinning.

Flat Poly Bags: Flat poly bags are a cost-effective way to package your product. All bags are measured in width by length dimensions. Flat poly bags can be heat sealed, tied, stapled, or taped shut. These bags are FDA approved, making them great for storing food, manufactured electronics, and more! Another great thing about flat poly bags is that they can be used virtually anywhere!

Flat Poly Bags on a Roll: Continuous rolls of flag poly bags (mentioned above) are known as flat poly bags on a roll. Also meeting FDA standards, each flat bag on a roll provides easy use in many of the same applications as the single flat poly bag.

Reclosable Poly Bags: A reclosable poly bags is just what the name suggests. You can open and reclose the poly bag just as one would with a Ziplock bag. The bag is opened and closed with a zipper that can lock in a single motion. Most reclosable poly bags have a red line along the top making them easy to identify. An advantage of using this type of bag is its ability to be reused. These bags are frequently used to store food, small parts, manufactured items, electronics, and more.

Gusseted Bags: Gusset bags can stand up on their own due to their squared flat bottoms. The sides of this bag are folded and pressed flat. This type of poly bag allows for more depth for irregularly shaped products. Gusseted bags are measured by width, depth, and length. This type of poly bag can be heat sealed, tied, stapled, or taped shut. Gusseted bags are FDA approved, water-resistant, and can be used anywhere!

Gusseted Bags on a Roll: Gusseted bags on a Roll are a string of gusseted bags (as mentioned above) on one continuous roll. Gusseted poly bags on a roll are pre-cut and provide easy use in many different applications.

Poly Tubing: Poly tubing allows you to create different sized bags. Poly tubing is ideal for odd-shaped items. Simply slide the poly tubing over an item, cut to the desired length, and close both ends. The ends may be closed using a heat sealer, staples, twist ties, or tape. Poly tubing can be made with perforations for easy insertion and tear-off. Poly tubing meets FDA & USDA requirements and is water-resistant.

White Block Markable Bags: White block bags are poly bags that have a white block on them. This allows someone to label the items inside the bag. White block markable bags are great when you need to organize small parts. These nifty bags are reclosable, reusable, and meet FDA and USDA standards.

Mattress Bags: No one wants to pull out or unload a dirty, damp mattress from storage or after transit. Mattress bags come in a variety of sizes. These massive poly bags provide see-through protection in the dungiest of places including basements, garages, and remote storage units. Once the mattress is in the bag, simply tie it off with a bag tie and it will stay moisture, dust, and insect-free!

Furniture Covers: Furniture covers are large poly bags that protect anything from home furnishings to office décor. These covers provide fantastic protection against dirt, dust, debris, and water damage. Like mattress bags, furniture covers are typically a see-through plastic. Furniture covers are perfect for storage and have even been used as a drop cloth when painting a room.

Pallet Covers and Bin Liners: Pallet covers are extra-large plastic bags for covering pallets during shipment. Pallet covers can also be used as bin liners and are simple to use. Pallet covers slip over the top of the pallet, which then drops down. These are fantastic when shipping to and from various locations. Pallet covers offer great protection for warehouse storage and safeguard against weather, dust, paint, and water during transit.

Bubble Film and Bags: There is more to bubble wrap than being everyone’s favorite thing to pop after opening a package. Bubble wrap, also known as bubble film, is a flexible plastic sheeting that contains a bunch of small air pockets used to cushion items while they are being shipped. This wrap is lightweight, water-resistant, reusable, and does not scratch the product. Bubble wrap is commonly used when packing fragile items.

Anti-Static Bags: These pink poly bag beauties have an additive that gets rid of static electrical charges for protection. They are non-corrosive and are great for packaging electronic items and automotive parts.

Black Conductive Bags: Black conductive poly bags are made with carbon black additives to give them increased protection. With an unlimited shelf-life and fantastic corrosion resistance, these bags are great for sensitive electronics.

Metallic Static Shielding Bags: Metallic static shielding bags have 3 layers of anti-static protection. The inner layer prevents static from generating inside the bag and an abrasion-resistant outside helps the bag keep its static shielding capabilities, even under rough handling and reuse. This bag is recommended for highly sensitive electronic pieces.

Polypropylene Bags: These crystal-clear and waterproof bags will give products great presentation. Polypropylene bags offer great protection against moisture and vapor, making them great for packaged foods. Polypropylene bags meet FDA and USDA standards and can be used anywhere for a variety of products.

Postal Approved Mail Bags: Postal approved bags stand up to all United States Postal Service standards. These strong and durable bags are wonderful for shipping long distances.