Combi Packaging Systems

IPS Packaging is dedicated to finding solutions for any packaging situation. When it comes to packaging items in bulk, Combi packaging systems are the way to go. Take for example these three packaging situations for three different types of products:

Slip Sheets 

Challenge: Cello-wrapped sleeves of Drink Lids, 100 sleeve count, 2.22 to 3.34 cpm

Solution: Model HL system with Case Erector and Sealer, product infeed, light tree and audible low case alarm and modification for case below minimum width.

Slip Sheets 

Challenge: Bliss Box 12.75”x12.75”x16.75” top sealer, 20 cpm

Solution: Model TBS-100 top sealer, tape closure.

Slip Sheets 

Challenge: Display tray sizes ranging from 7.13”x14.50”x(1.95-4.00”) to 16.26”x13.46”x(1.95-4.00”), 10 cpm

Solution: Model TF2 Combi Tray Erector with compression mandrels, hot melt glue, 460V 3 phase power.

If you would like to know more about how IPS Packaging can set you up with the perfect Combi solution to you packaging challenge, contact IPS today!


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