How To Determine Number of Straps

In order to determine the number of straps needed for your application you will first determine your type of load. In order to do this you will need to answer a few questions:

  • WEIGHT: Heavy or Light? (heavy loads may require more straps with a heavier break strength)
  • CORNERS: Sharp or soft? (sharp corners require corner protection)
  • INTEGRITY: Stable or Unstable? (unstable loads require more securement)
  • HANDLING: How will you be handling your load? On pallets, without pallets? (Products without pallets require more securement)
  • STORAGE: Where is it stored, for how long? (Outdoor storage and exposure to UV light favor polyester strapping)
  • TRANSPORTED: How is it transported; by rail, open truck, closed truck, common carrier, company carrier? (the rougher the ride the more securement required)

Load type and straps used

Load Type


Strap Used

Rigid Brick, Black, Pipe PET
Steel, Hot & Heavy Steel
Expanding Fiber Bales PET
Shrinking Wood Pallets PET
Compressible Magazines, Newspapers PP
Books PET

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