Equipment Cost Savings: Switching Sealers Saves Thousands of Dollars

BTS SealerUpon switching to the BTS Sealer, the customer was not only now satisfied with the way their operation was running, they also reported to save thousands of dollars a year on bottom line packaging costs.

With superior performance and easy operation, this solution provided unlimited strap take up all while increasing productivity. With durable construction, the BTS Sealer seemed like a good decision for the lumber company looking for an inexpensive packaging method that would secure their lumber.

The Situation

A lumber company was using an expensive method to secure their mixed loads of lumber.

  • Slow Production
  • Costly method
  • Sealer being put on incorrectly thus having to add a second seal
  • Time sometimes lost with repairs

The Solution

Switch to the BTS Sealer for use with High Strength Tenax Strapping.

  • Less time to band up a load
  • Very Durable
  • Friction weld seal-less joint is much stronger than a metal seal
  • Priced about 50% less than current offerings.

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