Overall, the benefits of cornerboard can be endless for companies looking to prevent damage while products are in transit. What most customers who currently use cornerboard don't realize, it that there is an eco-friendly packaging option available on the market as well. With IPS' Eco-Edge cornerboard, the same benefits of damage prevention, space savings, load unitization, and reduced pilferage still apply; however, this cornerboard is green that saves green.

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Company was paying $550 a month for their cornerboard and seeking a way to join the eco-friendly trend without breaking the bank.

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After being introduced to Eco Edge the company not only was able to go "green" but also started saving their monthly costs from $550 to $455; that's a 22% cost savings. The company also raves about the ease of cutting Eco Edge for special sizes.

IPS Cornerboard gives greater protection to all products. The solid fiber construction gives additional protection from forklifts and dropping by absorbing the pressure over a large surface area. These products are applied to corners of pallet loads and protect against sharp edges as well as providing stabilization for the whole pallet. All IPS cornerboard and edgeboard products are manufactured from recycled paper and are recyclable along with several other paper products. If you think your product can benefit by the use of our products, please contact us. We will work with you to make your shipments as damage-free as possible. Our packaging protection specialist can provide assistance to help you.

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