eBook: Let automation save you money, time, and resources

It goes without saying: the key to successful operations is smooth product flow.Packaging automation saves cash.

But when you’re producing more product than you can get packed in a shift, you’re fighting a losing battle.  You hire more people to keep up with the products coming out, but the extra labor costs are eating through the extra revenue from the increased production runs.

What do you do?

It’s time to automate your packaging process.

Consider the following:

  • One person can erect about 3 cases per minute.  A case erector can assemble approximately 27 boxes per minute.
  • One person can seal about 10 cases per minute.  A case sealer can seal nearly 40 uniform boxes per minute.
  • One person can wrap about 15 pallets per hour.  A semi-automatic wrapper can wrap 35 pallet an hour; a fully automatic can actually wrap up to an astonishing 150 pallets in an hour.

On average, you’re increasing your output by somewhere between 300 and 900%.  It’s a huge variation, yes, but the increase in your bottom line, without the increase in bodies, will truly pay for itself within weeks. The truth about packaging automation.

But!  you say.  But, what about the cost of purchase and installation?  I already have people doing this job and I’m looking for ways to save money.  How exactly can I justify the cost of this additional expense?

Machines can work longer hours, as well as overnights and on weekends, providing an overall increase in productivity.  They don’t require breaks, vacations, or personal time.  They don’t get injured on the job and, with regular maintenance, they won’t quit unexpectedly, leaving you scrambling to replace them.  They don’t require additional expense in overhead for management and they don’t need to be trained.

A cost comparison of skilled workers versus an automated system is the best analysis to determine if increased productivity can offset the human staff-related costs.

Let us help you learn more about automating the packaging process.

Whether you’re looking for ways to erect and seal cases more efficiently or how to ensure that you’re being as cost effective as possible in bagging your products, we can help.  It’s not about selling; it’s about teaching.

IPS Packaging has decades of experience and a fully staffed team of knowledgeable product experts.  By using this fount of knowledge, we’ve created a library of free content to help you learn how packaging automation can help you save time, money, and resources.  And we’re offering this overview with absolutely no obligation.  We’re so sure that you’ll be thrilled with the information found in this eBook that you’ll download our in-depth 23 page white paper on end-of-line package automation or one of our other eBooks, focusing specifically on aspects of the process.

And now for the icing on the cake!

Packaging automation can save you money on your taxes.You’ve read all the posts.  You’ve seen the research.  And, hopefully!, you’re headed to download the eBooks and white paper that will answer all of your questions about packaging automation.  But did you know that the government is offering an incentive for the purchase, installation, and operation of equipment for your business through the end of 2015?  Maybe that’ll be the final push that can help you pull the trigger on the purchase that will save you thousands of dollars a year in time, labor, materials, and resources.

It’s time.

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