Packaging Cost Savings: Tape Switch Saves Company 37%

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In some cases companies use stretch film for the unitization of pallets. Unknowingly, one of our clients was using this methodology for in-house storage in their warehouse. With just a little creativity, IPS was able to offer a TPP Tape solution to this unitization.

Overall benefits of TPP Tape are:

  • Strength and flexibility
  • Lower costs
  • Easy application

The Situation

Stretch film no longer cost-effective for in-house storage

A fulfillment house was using stretch film to unitize pallets for in-house storage.

  • Stock shrinkage
  • Time consuming
  • Unable to see well through film

The Solution

Switch to a TPP tape

A switch to a TPP tape allows a company to:

  • Clear enough to allow scanning of barcodes
  • Much less product used, much less money spent
  • TPP tape more affordable than stretch film.

Upon switching to the TPP tape, the customer claimed to have saved 37% of their packaging costs.

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