IPS Packaging Presents a Safe and Simple Option for Packaging Needs

This new unit is simple and safe to load and operate

Project Overview

When asked about void-fill packaging systems, most distributors felt they were trapped with units whose designs were  cumbersome and difficult to operate. In some instances, a table was an integral part of the operation since the crumpled paper was fed up to the packer through a rectangular opening on the table's surface. The paper roll and mechanical components were mounted underneath which required employees to get on their hands and knees to replace heavy rolls of paper and in the process, come in close proximity to potentially dangerous moving mechanical parts.


The GeoSpeed Quantum was produced to be simple and safe to operate. The unit can be easily moved so that the customer is always maintaining a proficient, streamlined operation. Paper can be loaded in a matter of seconds, and with its unique floating-head design, the GeoSpeed Quantum is the fastest roll loading of any unit on the market. The adjustable speed is also a key component to its innovative design. The single-ply void-fill system allows for the appropriate amount of protection, while the GeoSpeed Renew 100% recycled paper option is also very appealing. The Renew paper is recognized by its slight green tint, used to promote environmental appeal, and produces minimal waste.


  • Growth: Innovative design and functionality help businesses grow
  • Profitability: Material yield will enable companies to sell at enhanced margins
  • Customer Retention:  The cost effective design results in customer satisfaction and retention
  • Environmental:  Inherent advantages of recycled paper availability

The advantages of GeoSpeed Quantum's innovative design allows for more efficient packaging

  • Safe to operate
  • Quick and simple to load
  • Fewer parts, minimum wearable parts
  • Adjustable speeds
  • Easy to move around

The machine, which delivers crumpled paper from rollstock at speeds of up to 150 inches per second, establishes a new performance standard for this category.

Maximize your equipment efficiency.

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Total Packaging Cost Summary:

  • Speed - Increased output
  • Efficiency - Increased up-time
  • Sustainability - Customizable, improved ergonomics
  • Reliability - Low Maintenance

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