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Most of us think of boxes as nothing more than the thrown away carrier that brought us our products from the manufacturer.  But the fact of the matter is that corrugated is a high performance and highly technically packaging system. We're going to get into some facts you may not know about corrugated boxes. If you're looking to start with the basics, read this post.

Just the facts, ma'am.

  • Fact: The power of the case is generated by its flutes; they have to be vertical to maximize strength. “In order for the sides of a case to be vertical the minor and major flaps on both the top and the bottom must be closed consistently and squarely. As a rule of thumb, that simply doesn't happen when cases are manually erected and closed, particularly when they are sealed with tape dispensers.”Everything you thought you knew about boxes is wrong.
  • Fact: Vertical cases provide maximum crush resistance, which helps with damage deterrence.
  • Fact: Boxes not assembled at a perfectly 90° can lose up to 30% of their original strength.
  • Fact: The more recycled material that is used to make the box, the weaker it inherently will be. “Virgin fibers are longer and the longest fibers interweave better, imparting to the paper higher strength and better appearance.”
  • Fact: The thickness of a box’s walls can make or break it, literally. If the need to save money through reduced expenditures is important, consider other ways of reducing costs so you aren’t reducing the integrity of your packaging.
  • Fact: Consider what kind of environment you’re working in; corrugated boxes can lose up to 50% of their strength in high humidity environments.
  • Fact: Corrugated boxes are pretty high-tech; assembled correctly, they offer impact, drop, and vibration damage protection, while offering uniform stacking and weight distribution.

Environmental factors that affect the performance of corrugated.

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Storage conditions,
  • Degree of warp

Manufactured quality of the case blanks also plays a factor.

  • Dimensional accuracy
  • Depth of score lines
  • Thickness (single wall, double wall)
  • Flute size
  • Amount of recycled content

Corrugated packaging why and how

Corrugated boxes offer endless advantages and are highly cost-effective.  They are a mere fraction of the cost of the products that they protect.  But, as stated, the ultimate protection is only available when the boxes are correctly assembled, ensuring that their structural rigidity is intact and they are capable of withstanding all the pressures that shipping can put on them.

Think you know corrugated boxes, or are you looking for more?
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