SmartShot™ Hybrid system is the only commercially available unit to offer both handheld and bag options in one machine—resulting in space, cost and efficiency benefits.

The SmartShot Hybrid™ gives the company the option of using the bag option for smaller packs and the sprayer for the larger ones.

The aerospace customer purchases, overhauls and sells new and used aircraft engines and engine parts to aircraft operators and other distributors/dealers throughout the world.

The company had been using a table-top Sealed Air Instapak unit. IPS Packaging approached the customer about the opportunity to present the IntelliPack SmartShot™ Hybrid value proposition.

The flexibility of the hybrid system appealed to the decision maker. The company’s refurbished parts run the gamut from small components to large aerospace hydraulic systems. In the case of the latter, the Sealed Air system would require as many as 30 bags to protect one part.

For larger, heavier, lower-volume applications, the hand-held option allows the operator to remove the dispenser nozzle from a housing unit and pull the attached hose over to the shipping case. A piece of film is placed over the product and a channel is created between the item and the internal corrugated wall. The liquid foam is injected into the channel, the outer part of the film is folded over the foam and the case is sealed. As the foam expands to fill the void, it envelops the product, protecting it in transit.

For smaller, higher-volume production-line parts, the machine converts to bagging mode. A bag of predetermined size (sealed on three sides) is dispensed and the liquid foam is injected into it. The fourth side is folded closed over the product(s) and the case is sealed.

The end result is an 8% annual savings in consumables and as much as an 80% savings in labor. (The spray mode only requires 2 to 3 minutes vs. the 10 minutes previously necessary to fill multiple bags.)

The transition from the Sealed Air to the IntelliPack Hybrid unit was seamless and the customer is pleased with the results.

Total Packaging Cost Summary

  • 8% annual savings in consumables
  • 80% savings in labor costs