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Food and Beverage Packaging Trends 2022

No matter where you are in the world, the food and beverage industry is one of the most important elements of our society. From local fruit and veggie growers to major snack producers, this is an industry that keeps us all going. In order to keep the entire world operational and well-fed, there’s one industry that must support food and beverage – packaging. Whether it’s your favorite soda, a nutritious bunch of bananas, a pre-packed meal kit, or anything in between, packaging is essential to keeping our edible goods safe, fresh, and tasty. To some, packaging for food and beverage may be an afterthought, but it is an essential tool for protection, marketing, and beyond. As we approach the end of 2021, it’s necessary to examine what can be expected in the food and beverage packaging trends of 2022. Take a look at the top three trends we’re likely to see in the coming year.

Sustainable Food and Beverage Packaging

Sustainable packaging is a hot commodity across all sectors, but the food and beverage industry is especially keen on becoming more eco-friendly as we enter 2022. Consumers around the world and throughout virtually every demographic are now demanding that the packaging materials they receive be beneficial to the environment, or at least have as little detrimental impact on it as possible. For food and beverage packaging, this often means utilizing supplies that are recyclable, compostable, biodegradable, or sustainable in some other fashion. Furthermore, as the popularity of meal subscription services continues to rise, the need for corrugated boxes will go up along with it. Lightweight, recyclable corrugate is an excellent opportunity for sustainable packaging that can also be printed on – to advertise both your brand and your commitment to sustainable practices.

Automation in the Food and Beverage Industry

Packaging automation was already making a stronghold in a variety of industries but, due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, it has become increasingly prevalent in the past two years. Automation in general offers myriad advantages. When used for packaging, it reduces material waste, increases throughput, improves efficiency and accuracy, and lessens instances of worker strain and injury. Those benefits on top of labor shortages in the United States have prompted the popularity of packaging automation throughout the food and beverage industry. 

Automatic Shrink Wrap Equipment in the Food Industry

Equipment like flow wrappers, shrink tunnels, and heat shrink machines make packaging and shipping all types of goods to stores and consumers much easier and more efficient than ever before. 2022, and likely beyond, will see packaging automation in the food and beverage industry continue to dominate.

Interactive Packaging for Food and Beverage

Some people may scratch their heads when first learning about interactive packaging in the food and beverage industry, but this element can take your customer experience to the next level. QR codes, NFC chips, smart labels, and other kinds of interactive packaging features allow you to really tell your brand story or convey important messages to consumers while taking up minimal space, which is why we can expect to see even more of them in the coming year. These interactive elements are printed, embedded, or placed onto a corrugated box, poly mailer, or other type of packaging supply. The user can scan them with a phone or smart device and access a wealth of information provided by the company. That means your business can leverage the code, chip, or label to share information about your sustainability efforts, the local farm your food was sourced from, your rewards program, or anything else you might see fit to mention.

Staying Ahead of the Packaging Trends

Those who work in the food and beverage industry know just how tough the competition can be. The right packaging that your consumers want can truly set you apart from the rest of the field. Leveraging factors like sustainable packaging to benefit the environment, packaging automation to get your goods out the door quicker and more often, and interactive packaging to stay engaged with your customers is an easy step in the right direction. To stay on top of these food and beverage packaging trends, contact one of our packaging experts today or give us a call at (800) 277-7007.