IPS Packaging Helps Customer Maximize Efficiency with Multi-purpose, Efficient and Convenient Packaging

In a meeting with a customer, it was determined that they were not using very efficient methods for their packaging needs. They had for several years been using Ranpack void fill paper, which required employees to pick the orders on a large, fabricated cart that barely fit into the pack stations due to the size and number of Fillpack machines.

The customer desperately needed a more efficient solution that would free up floor space. IPS Packaging installed PAPERplus Chevron machines with two section conveyors. The conveyors replaced the Fillpack machines and allowed the stations easier access to their paper. PAPERplus Chevron uses patented pleating technique to create a very lightweight and flexible paper tube. Utilizing pockets of air to maximize fill volume the 4” diameter paper tube provides reliable protection using less paper.

• Very lightweight
• Maximum fill using less paper
• Flexible and easy to handle
• Perforated every 3“ to fit your purpose

Economically combines air and paper to fill and protect

• Protects light- and medium-weight products
• Formed on-demand
• Reusable and recyclable

Chevron creates a very cost effective paper filler and cushioning paper material on-demand to minimize storage requirements.”

Maximize your equipment efficiency.

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Total Packaging Cost Summary:

» Cost Effective - Uses less material and produces lighter packages
» Efficient - Easy to load and operate; extremely mobile
» Speed - Ideal for high speed packaging

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