If one customer uses a pallet of steel each month, they are a good candidate for conversion to polyester strapping

  • It is up to the user to determine whether a product is safe and fit for a particular purpose and user’s method of application
  • American Association of Railroads Rules may apply
  • Strapping should never be used as a handle

Economic Justification

First determine your cost per for the steel product you are currently using and its polyester replacement

(Price/Coil)/(Feet/Coil) = Cost Per Foot_________=Cost Per Foot Steel_____ Cost Per Foot Polyester

Application Cost Savings

Determine the footage needed to package your product, then multiplythe footage times the cost per foot of the steel product and its plastic replacement. The difference between the higher priced steel and the lower priced plastic is your application cost savings.

Steel Cost Per Foot x Application Footage = Cost Per Application

Polyester Cost Per Foot__________________x Application Footage= Cost Per Application___

Difference = Savings Per Application with Polyester________

Yearly Cost Savings

Determine how many coils of steel are used annually and multiply this number by the standard footge of the coil to get the yearly footage required. Then multiply the yearly footage time the cost per foot for both steel and polyester. The difference is your annual savings.

Steel Annual Coils_________x Coil Footage_________=_________Yearly Footage

Yearly Footage___________x   Cost Per Foot Steel___=__________Yearly Cost Steel

Yearly Footage___________x   Cost Per Foot Polyester___=__________Yearly Cost Polyester

Difference= Annual Savings w/ Polyester=_____________________

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