High performance from an inflatable packaging system

The Pregis AirSpeed HC Versa is a high performance inflatable packaging system that uses their hybrid cushioning film. This film is inflated, on-demand, into squares of pillows that provide superior product protection with less materials. Perfect for Ecommerce and retail, the inflatable air cushions prevent damage to your products.

Benefits of the Airspeed HC Versa

  • Simplicity: Easy to load and operate with a simple start/stop operator interface.
  • Versatility: 3 cushion heights: Small (3/4"), Medium (1"), and Large (1 1/4").
    • 3 cushion widths: 12", 18", and 24" inflated
  • Speed: On-demand inflatable packaging with the fastest machine on the market.
  • Compact profile: Enables easy placement and flexibility for tight work areas and workstations.
  • Sustainable: Material source reduction vs. alternative materials, and all films are 100% recyclable.
    • HC renew film contains bio-additive to accelerate breakdown.

AirSpeed HC Renew inflatable packaging system accessories

About the HC Hybrid Cushioning film

Inflatable packaging system - Airspeed HC Versa - IPS PackagingThe AirSpeed HC Versa uses an innovative, specially engineered, high performance film to deliver end-user results. Made from low density polyethylene, the film is 100% recyclable (where available) and promotes environmental responsibility through proper disposal channels.

• Multiple film choices to maximize performance: Performance Plus, Performance, Standard, HC Flex and Renew.

• Excellent film clarity and configuration.

• Proprietary pattern prevents items from damage or “bottoming out”.

• Engineered for strong, resilient seals and to resist puncturing.

• Lightweight packaging medium to reduce freight cost.

• High yield configurations provide reduced material consumption.

• Rolls of film provide a space saving alternative to other packaging materials.

• Recyclable as category #4. (where accepted)

inflatable packaging system applications - HC Renew - IPS Packaging

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