Specialty Tapes: Velcro Sealing, Permacel and Color Tapes

Specialty Tapes

Whether you are sealing a box, closing a bag, palletizing a load, or seeking a new packaging tape solution, we have many packaging tapes for you. Select from a wide range of carton sealing, hot melt tapes, masking tapes, duct tapes, paper tapes, speciality tapes, and tapes machines.

Velcro Sealing Tape

Velcro Sealing Tape has hundreds of closures with greater strength. When dual lock brand reclosable fasteners are pressed together, hundreds of mushroom-shaped stems interlock with one another. An audible snap announces that the fastener is locked. Compared to hook and loop fasteners, you get improved tensile strength with five times more holding power. Depending on the application, you can select either plain-backed or adhesive-backed versions.

Plain-backed versions can be easily sewn, stapled or ultrasonically bonded in place. Adhesive-backed versions are available for bonding to bare or painted metal, many plastics including plasticized vinyl, plus wood, glass and more. Depending on the formulation, bonds are secure at temperatures as low as -20F (-29C) and as high as 200F (93C).

Mating Type 400 and Type 170 stems provides the most universal Dual Lock fastener combination.

As an alternative when the closure involves two flexible surfaces, Type 400 can be mated with itself.
For even greater strength closures with limited openings and closings, Type 170 can be mated with Scotchmate Loop Products.

Permacel Tapes

Permacel, the phrase “the first name in tape” is much more than simply a promotional slogan. It aptly describes our Company’s historical role in the pressure-sensitive tape industry. And, we feel it also accurately positions permacel in today’s tape marketplace.

Over the years, Permacel has maintained its position as a true in the tape field. Among our many developmental “firsts” are: masking tape, filament reinforces tape, polypropylene tape, thread sealant tape, colored and waterproof tape, and aluminum foil tapes.

Colored Tapes

Set your self apart from you competition, differentiate between packages, and color code your inventory are just a few examples why to use colored tapes. We offer colored masking tape, colored duct tape and color vinyl tapes. Some of the benefits of using colored tapes involve:

  • Differentiate between packaged products.
  • Color code your inventory based on expiration dates, shipping & receiving dates, production runs, etc.
  • Enhance your graphics.
  • Discourage pilfering.
  • Maximize inventory organization and management.

Colors Available in: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Black & White

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