Strapping and Edge Protectors

Standard Grade Strap Edge Protectors

  • Standard grade strap protectors are the most common choice for strap protection.
  • Often used to protect roll and sheet metal goods.
  • Can be applied to a variety of products manually and secured with manual or semi-automatic strapping tools/machines.

Standard Grade Strap Protectors

Machine Grade Strap Edge Protectors

  • Machine grade strap protectors provide superior protection from strap damage for products in the dimensional lumber and plywood industries.
  • Can be manufactured to your exact specifications using our quality Protect-A-Board and Protect-A-Wrap products.
  • Primarily secured using steel strapping.
  • Machine grade strap protectors can be applied using fully automatic machines.

Machine Grade Strap Protectors

Inside and Outside Diameter

Inside and outside diameter strap protectors are designed to protect inside and outside diameters of metal coils, rolls of the fine paper and other irregularly palletized freight. Notches can be spaced on Inside and outside diameter strap protectors to handle different roll and coil circumferences.

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