Angleboard applications

Angleboard is used as protective packaging during before, during, and after shipping. There's numerous uses for Angleboard, and they all help protect your product line. It's made from multiple layers of paperboard, laminated, glued, and then formed into a rigid right angle. It has an open edge design that lends itself to it's many applications.


Angleboard strap protection Strap protection

  • Strap protection
  • Edge protection
  • Unitization
  • Stacking strength
  • Beam strength

Strap protection reduce indentation caused by strapping. It also improves tension transmission. Steel and even plastic strapping can hurt your materials, even ruining the initial packaging around them. Angleboard protects against this because it's placed between the strap and the material.

Angleboard Edge protection Edge Protection

Edge protection protects those edges from damage and improves tension transmission. Like strap protection, it also reduces indentation caused by strapping. It's going to keep those pallets in the right shape during storage and shipping.

These products help protect more packaged product per pallet than normal edge-protection. It helps unitize the load which in turn reduces handling and shipping costs. You get improved load stability and reduces the chance of theft.

Stacking strength is improved by reducing damage from crushing in stacking applications. It also enables maximum use of warehouse space, by stacking pallets on top of each other.

For beam strength, is reduce damage caused by flexing of long products.

The whole line of Angleboard products

AngleboardAngleboard logo is a brand, and it describes a more general term for their edge-protection products. There's a whole family of products in this line.

  • APXBoard
  • Cornerboard
  • Formaboard
  • StackMaser
  • Perforated Angleboard
  • Pallet Frame

Case Study

A lumber company was receiving numbers complaints about the condition of their lumber upon arrival. They were losing money because shipment were consistently sent back. We looked at their operation, and suggested Angleboard products. It helped reduce their materials, and decreased their environmental impact, and added bonus. The lumber company stopped getting complaints which led to reduce cost of damage. The lumber industry is a significant user of this product and other industries should look to follow.

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