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The basics of stretch wrap

Stretch Wrap Automation

So, just how well do you know stretch wrap? Do you know the industry terms? Or the engineered properties? Do you know how to achieve the best load containment ratio or how to what the difference is between cast and blown wrap? Do you know what questions to ask your vendor when you’re buying stretch wrap? Like about how you might be able to actually downguage your wrap, meaning saving money while increasing your wrapped pallet’s integrity? Stretch wrap is a

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The Packmaster: Heaviest, strongest paper void filler yet

The strongest paper void fill solutions are typically successful in the industrial and automotive industries. Wouldn’t it be great if you had one packing system which could pack pretty much anything? Well with our bestselling Packmaster™ you can! The Packmaster™ system is the ultimate paper packaging system. Not only does it use 100% recycled, recyclable and biodegradable twin ply paper, it can be moulded to the shape of just about product from fragile glassware to heavy industrial products. How good is

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The basics of pallet containment

What exactly does a properly contained pallet look like? How can you ensure that your pallets are properly packaged? How do you consistently wrap pallets to ensure their stability? All of these questions are critical to understanding basic pallet containment. Containment force must be consistent from the top of the pallet to the bottom, creating a single package or unit. Inconsistent wrapping leads to inconsistent containment force. That leads to shifted pallets. Since consistency is critical, how can you ensure

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Most common causes of stretch wrap failure identified

When palletizing your produce, stretch wrap failure can spell near certain damage. Knowing what causes the most typical failures can help you avoid the consequences. Do you know why most stretch wrap failures occur? Lack of understanding of containment force Lack of established standards in stretch wrap application Film flaws What is containment force? Containment force or force to load is the amount of force the film exerts on the load to maintain its integrity. This is extremely important when

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Sometimes it just takes a little engineering to save some money

A logistics company imports large burlap sacks of Starbucks coffee beans and then transports them for roasting.  The company wraps the super-sized burlap sacks with a 115 gauge blown, which is a very heavy duty film, considering the heavy weight of their loads. One of their main complaints about their current film is the loud screeching sound that the wrap makes as it comes off of the roll. An IPS Account Manager offered a test of a competitive, highly engineered

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