Dunnage bags can be used for damage prevention when it comes to truckloads. Not new to the market, dunnage has been a successful product for most of our customers looking to secure their loads and drop their bottom line costs. If a customer does not know the proper usage of dunnage bags, costs can be high. One of our customers was using two different types of dunnage bags, we simply cut their costs by showing them the way.

While doing a plant audit, we noticed a customer was using 2 different sizes of airbags that were purchased from 2 different suppliers.

  • Only able to use bags once
  • Paying too much
  • Unnecessarily using 2 different sizes

Switch to a reusable bag that will work for multi-sized loads.

  • Bags can be re-used several times
  • Freed up floor space
  • Now able to use one supplier

After switching to the one sized reusable bag, the customer was able to use them 3 times before throwing them out, thus saving them 40% annually.

Dunnage Air Bags are paper bags made up of 2, 4, 6, or 8 plys (layers) of paper. They come with an internal inflatable Polyethylene Bladder. They are an innovative and efficient blocking and bracing tool. Dunnage Air Bags are a more economical alternative for bracing and blocking cargo than using other more costly methods such as rubber air bags or lumber and nails. With ever-changing and constantly rising operating costs, the trucking industry is an ongoing fight for survival. With insurance premiums continuously on the rise, taxes and fuel costs souring, and wage increases and discounts continuing to consume the bottom line, operating improvements must be made to sustain profit margins. Air Bags will have the largest impact on the load factor (a carrier's single greatest expense). One of the main goals of the shipping quality process is to advance organizational productivity. Time lost installing Air Bags will be saved at the destination terminals because the carrier can do away with the "Re's"(Re-working Restacking, Re-shrink-wrappping, Recouping, and Re-banding the load). Consequently, more efficient use of container space can be made at the same time.

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