Green Bubble Case Study

How an eco-friendly product made a company's void fill requirements for shipping using green bubble.

Green Bubble Wrap

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A company that is a leading distributor of nail polish and nail care products searches for a more eco-friendly product for their void fill requirements while shipping.

  • The company had been using traditional co-extruded air cushioning products.
  • The company they were working with did not offer the eco-friendly product they were looking for so they started to look elsewhere.

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The nail care supplier found what they were searching for in Astro-Bubble® Green Air Cushioning.

  • Astro-Bubble® has up to 40% recycled content.
  • The company is now pleased with its cushioning properties and environmental message.

Going green was not at the top of our agenda, mainly because we thought eco-friendly meant wallet-emptying. IPS changed our belief on "going green" by saving us green.

When you think "green" you can think of Astro-Bubble Renew®. This protective packaging product uses up to 40% recycled content with up to 20% from post-consumer sources. This bubble packaging will provide high-quality, durable protective air cushioning for surface covering, packing fragile items and void-fill.

Features & Benefits of Astro-Bubble Renew®:

  • Up to 40% recycled content; 20% from post-consumer sources
  • Easy to identify light green color
  • Manufactured using reusable polyethylene resin
  • Superior cushioning

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