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When you ship by rail, you can’t control the quality of the ride. But you can control load securement. IPS Packaging has spent the past 36 years offering products like polywoven air bags to give you unrelenting load securement and protection. And we go an important step further with IPS Packaging’s experienced sales force throughout America. Our representatives can advise you on all your load protection needs.

A Proven Leader

IPS Packaging is one of the nation’s top distributors of packaging supplies. We have offered high quality air bags for more than 36 years. Our air bag products are used worldwide and are made by recognized manufacturers. We are committed to superior customer service and support.

Damage Control Is In The Bag

Handling Valued Customers (And Their Freight) With Care

In 2007, the value of goods damaged in rail transit totaled $134 million in the USA. Add to that the cost of damaged relationships and lost business, and the total bill is incalculable. IPS Packaging’s polywoven air bags and SX Inflation System can handle the load. Our local representatives will show you how to use our products to maximize your damage prevention programs.

Trouble-Fee Polywoven Air Bags

  • Designed for Medium and Heavy Weight railcar loads
  • 60% lighter than comparable paper bags for easy one-person handling
  • Greater pack-out due to single-ply construction
  • Weatherproof resistant for open railcar shipments
  • Excellent resistance to harsh chemical environments. Contact your local representative for additional information
  • High burst strength to withstand extreme shipping conditions
  • For lateral and longitudinal railcar bracing

Unique & Robust SX Valve

  • Screw-on cap allows the bag to be deflated for easy repositioning and to be re-used when applications permit. The bag can also be inflated to spread the load or re-inflated to fill the void.
  • Safe and secure locking tabs on the base of the valve allow interlocking with inflator tool for secure handling during positioning and inflation of the bag. Once the claw is secure, it can not pop off.
  • Heavy-duty design and material to withstand rough handling. Ideal • for maritime ocean vessels and railroad industry.
  • Patented spring-loaded valve to prevent leakage. No need for operator to screw valve on or tighten it.
  • Large diameter for faster inflation and deflation.
  • The toughest valve on the market is RED and highly visible.

Product Specifications

  • Industry applications: Rolls of paper, bricks, flat glass, plywood, OSB, lumber steel and particleboard
  • Available with reusable SX valve.
  • Verified under the new AAR Product Performance Profile for Pneumatic Dunnage guidelines, bulletin#9, effective 7/1/05
  • Polywoven Level 3 for loads between 75,000 and 160,000 lbs.
  • Polywoven Level 4 for loads between 160,000 and 205,000 lbs.
  • Polywoven Level 5 for horizontal application in roll paper up to 205,000 lbs.
  • Standard sizes are listed below. Other sizes available. Contact your local representative for details.

Ask for a No-Obligation Load Audit Today!

Your nearby IPS Packaging representative is the ultimate railcar load damage prevention expert. He is able to evaluate your application and needs, provide load securement solutions, and train your staff to properly use the air bags to prevent loads form being damaged during shipment. Only IPS Packaging keeps an extensive network of seasoned representatives throughout North America ready to quickly get to your location and help you with any shipping challenge.

IPS Packaging is a leading provider of packaging supplies, packaging equipment and packaging solutions. If you would like to know more about IPS Packaging, call 888-922-1622 or email our Sales team.