Transporting glass is a very difficult task that takes lots of care and precision. Not having the right protective material can lead to disaster if you aren’t careful; a disaster that will not only cost you money and time, but also your customer’s trust. Using cheaper materials such as corrugate are good for company's on an extremely tight budget, but think about it: Do you really want to risk destroying the glass from lack of adequate protection to save a few bucks? Protective tape is perfect for this application.

SPF_Film-image Damage can be costly to a manufacturer with increased costs due to repainting, re-processing, or even scrapping a part or surface. Not to mention lost customers and brand damage.

When shipping glass items such as French doors, you need to know what protective materials will provide the best security and protection.  While corrugated material may not be expensive, it may not provide the protection that is required for such delicate objects.

The right kind of protective tape will keep the glass protected and will save you money in the long run. It may be more expensive to purchase, but it will cost you less to ship the glass this way then buying a lesser quality protection method and then having to consistently replace broken product. And while applying a protective tape is a little bit more of a hands-on task than utilizing a strictly corrugated material, but the extra effort is well worth it in the end, especially when your products arrive to your customers in original condition.

Protective tape can also prevent any scratches or abrasions from ruining the glass. Some of these tapes can handle as much as 90 days in UV lighting without compromising its effect. Using protective tape may also take up less space than using corrugated material which can allow for a smaller shipping container and an easier disposal of the packaging material, once the shipping process is finished.

A very important requirement for glass shipment is leaving no adhesive marks left behind on the surface from the packaging journey. Protective tape has the ability to provide a clean removal from the glass products. Once the glass arrives to its destination, the tape is easy to remove and can be perforated so there is no need for the use of scissors or a knife that could potentially damage the glass if care is not taken.

Choosing to use protective tape over corrugate is a smart move. The tape is easy to use, leaves no traces behind, and provides more protection from scratches than corrugate materials can. The benefits outweigh its costs which will keep you and your bottom line happy, as well as your customers coming back time and again.