When it comes to determining product damage, someone with true shipping accountability is king.

Logistics is all about preparing for the unforeseen. It is the science of product risk management. Picking, pulling, packaging, loading, and shipping: at some point, you're going to experience some kind of damage, somewhere in the supply chain. But if you have the ability to make one small change that could change the course of finger pointing and he said/she said, determining, once and for all, true shipping accountability, wouldn't you take it?

You can mitigate some of the potential for damage with proper packaging, optimal load designs, effective stretch wrapping patterns, efficient trailer loading, and the right dunnage. Because when there is damage, manufacturers, distributors, and carriers are left to absorb the cost of damage when packaging, handling, and transportation fails.

Did you know that packages have, on average, 9 touch points between leaving your facility and reaching your customer? That's the potential for a dozen different pairs of hands on your package, the majority of which are people who don't know (or care!) what's inside the box. It's not their reputation on the line; it's yours. When you reduce damage done to your products, your customer satisfaction and loyalty grows, as do your revenues.

And isn't that the ultimate goal of your business?

Contemporary logistics relies on an increasingly extensive inventory of tools, aids, and techniques to mitigate the potential losses in shipping.

Container shape and material, insulation and filling, wrapping and strapping, and sealing and taping: every product needs its own unique combination of elements to arrive to the end-user in the same condition it left your facility.

But every element contributes an additional cost to the total. And that means that the people in the logistics world are looking for ways to secure accountability, protecting themselves and their profits.

Because the truth is, if you can pin down what failed, when and how, mitigating future product damage becomes much easier and less costly.

SO... WHAT IF... ? 

What if...? It's the game we all play at some point in our lives. So, what if you had:

  • ShockWatch-COS-eBook-CTA Click here to download our ShockWatch eBook. Learn how shipping accountability can save you thousands of dollars and hours of stress.

    Highly visible signs that showed impact levels during shipping and handling

  • Records revealing impact and mishandling of sensitive or calibrated products
  • Maintenance control of fragile, perishable, and sensitive goods throughout the process
  • Warnings to everyone involved that something needs attention
  • Alerts to receivers suggesting they inspect specific containers before acceptacnce
  • Evidence of container abuse during shipping
  • Problem area localization in the supply chain process
  • Assurance of the quality of the product promised to your customer
  • Improvements in accountability for all product handling

What would you be willing to give to get that kind of accountability and peace of mind for your shipments?

Let our experienced Packaging Account Managers show you how a simple sticker can truly change everything. All it takes is a little shipping accountability to make a big difference. Give us a call today at (800) 277-7007.