Picture1 Air pillow packaging is inflated "on demand," saving warehouse space as a result. And even though they're made of a plastic film, some are fully bio-degradable.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. If that's so, what do you think this picture says?

What is says is that if you're looking to save some space and cost (especially thanks to the new rules of dimensional weight), it's time to consider air pillows for void fill. Because 1 roll of film to use for air pillows (which are created on demand) equals nearly 4 bundles of bubble wrap. That's for the same protective power in each box. These air pouches (some of them up to eight inches long) provide a higher damage-absorption rate in a smaller package.

Consider this: a 12 x 12 x 12 box can be filled with 21 8" x 8" air pillows. But if you size down to an 8" x 4" pillow (think for material cost savings), all of a sudden, you'd need 54 pillows to fill the same void. That's a differential of 22% just by resizing the film used for the air pillows.

Air pillow packaging: a modern innovation with it's own set of drawbacks

Saving all that space on the manufacturing floor can have its upside (hello, room to move on the floor!) and its downside. On the downside, filled air pillows can take up loads of room inside a box, especially compared to form-fitting Styrofoam and cardboard. From a manufacturing standpoint, this translates into larger packaging dimensions-as well as higher costs because fewer units can be delivered in a single shipment. Some manufacturers try to avoid air pillow packaging systems because they're considered "uncontolled." When the packaging box is way too large, it drives up shipping costs and creates problems for customers because they have more packaging to dispose of.

So, if you're in the middle, maybe you just need to see if the pros outweigh the cons. Because moving to a air pillow packing system can increase pack out time by up to 33%, increasing productivity and increase daily output.

For example: the new and innovative AirSpeed™ 5000 is a air pillow packaging system that is usuful for void-fill cushioning. It produces pillow cushions at record time, making 75 feet of cushions per minute.

The AirSpeed 5000 system offers faster operating speeds than its predecessors. The unit operates at a blazing fast rate of 50 feet per minute, enabling it to keep up with high-demand packaging situations. AirSpeed 5000 system is ideal for applications requiring both speed and flexibility. The unit can be used as a bench-top, stand-alone unit or in conjunction with a portable stand and AirSpeed Binz dispensing containers. Chains of air cushions are created using ambient air and an internal electric blower. The need for an external air supply — such as a compressor — is eliminated making the unit truly portable. Simply plug in the machine, load the film, and start creating pillows. The rollstock yields up 170 cubic feet per roll — the equivalent of 12, 14-cubic-foot bags of loose fill! Additionally, the cushions are extremely lightweight, reducing shipping and disposal costs.

This air pillow packaging system is designed for high volume, on-demand packaging situations.  Perfect for when you want to go fast and minimize inventory space requirements!

  • High Speed – Up to 75 feet per minute
  • Easy to Operate – Load and go
  • Portable – No compressed air required
  • Reliable – A real work horse! Delivers high quality cushions each and every time. Minimal wear items
  • Multiple film options available
  • Maximum productivity and ergonomics - Easily integrated with AirSpeed accessories

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