Packaging Equipment Cost Savings: The HC Autoflow Hybrid Cushioning Unit

The HC Autoflow Hybrid Cushioning unit provides a viable solution for customers looking to reduce storage space and impact logistics. Providing:

  • Two pillow sizes for optimal use
  • True performance
  • Excellent Film Memory
  • Space Savings
  • Clarity

The Situation

Bulk bubble wrap was space and time consuming

A certain company was using bulk bubble wrap for shipment which took up a significant amount of space and was not returning appropriate profit for effort.

  • Company tried inflatable bubble but found it to be too slow and too mechanical.
  • The rolls of bubble forced the company to stock it taking up more storage space and causing more deliveries.
  • The company knew they needed a more efficient way of cushioning its products for shipment.

The Solution

Utilizing the HC Autoflow dispenser

Create a HC Autoflow dispenser/slitter as a companion to the AirSpeed hybrid cushioning unit.

  • The unit is designed to pull the film apart at perf line, thereby losing none of the cushioning rows.
  • What used to be truckload deliveries every few days will now only be a few skids per month.
  • The rolls now take up significantly less space in storage.
  • The end result has dramatically impacted logistics, freight, storage, production efficiency, labor and product protection.

Total Cost SavingsMaterial costs are just a fraction of your total packaging cost. Some factors to consider in packaging costs are space, damage returns, labor and shipping just to name a few. Our air void-fill and engineered inflatables can reduce your packaging costs when compared to denser, bulkier packaging such as foam packaging, paper packaging and molded EPS.
Ask your IPS Packaging representative how you can see your Total Packaging Savings in your operation.

If you would like a custom quote for potential savings, talk to one of our representatives today. Call 800.277.7007 or contact our Sales team.

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