Temperature controlled packaging

Penguin Pack

Ecommerce is paving the way to bringing high quality, exciting meal time ingredients to consumers near and far. The goal is to enhance the quality of life for consumers with demanding schedules and an appetite for a variety of fresh foods delivered to the front door. Luckily, there's temperature controlled packaging for those companies to keep their products fresh.

Have you heard of Penguin Pack?

Penguin Pack can provide a better way to deliver freshness. Penguin Pack combines metalized film or foil with durable, lightweight and clean bubble cushioning. The combination provides protection and thermal properties that stand up to a variety of environmental conditions.

Penguin Pack temperature controlled packaging extends the freshness of perishable food items by reflecting 97% of all radiant heat that tries to penetrate the foil barrier.

Temperature controlled packaging

  • Flexible material conforms around contents, reducing the surface area of the package
  • Made from FDA compliant materials for indirect food contact
  • Reflective properties act as a barrier to heat. Provides high level of light, solar radiation and UV protection
  • Maintains desired temperature to support shelf-life goals and minimize the need for costly rush delivery methods
  • Provides cushioning properties to prevent damage or movement during shipment
  • Reduces freight cost and minimizes storage space

Temperature controlled packaging also minimizes the size of a package with a low profile design. This is a benefit to shippers by minimizing storage space and reducing shipping cost. It is also a benefit to consumers when discarding packaging materials.

penguin pack packaging temperature controlled

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