Foam profiles are typically used for applications that need surface and edge protection, thermal insulation; and high and low temperature, and acoustic insulation.

Foam Profiles provide surface and edge protection to limitless packaging applications. Able to conform to just about any product contour, profiles are easy to use and withstand multiple impacts as well as constant vibration.

ProFlex Foam Profiles:
Foam profiles feature a chemically inert, odorless, clean, closed-cell structure with excellent resiliency, flexibility and shape memory. Since these products are non-abrasive, they are an excellent method of protecting delicate furniture, powdercoated finishes, class-A surfaces and sensitive biomedical parts.
Profiles are available in an assortment of standard formulations, shapes and colors. They can be manufactured to meet your specific requirements, including fire retardancy, UV inhibition, static dissipation and enhanced malleability.

* Foam profiles are available in a wide array of colors, shapes, and widths. This allows you to create a custom packaging solutions in amounts as small as one case..

Corner keeper Foam Protectors:
Corner keepers are the latest innovation in the profiles line. Individual protectors are slit from 6" x 3" or 4" diameter polyethylene profiles. The result is a shape that provides corner protection and cushioning for products that ship in outer cases.

  • Saves time and labor by eliminating conversion effort
  • Minimal labor and inventory space required
  • No wire cutting required
  • Your Text
  • Non-abrasive to delicate surfaces

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