Understanding Stretch Load Profiles

The Stretch Wrapped Load

Stretch film vendors have broken pallet loads into three distinct classes, A, B and C.

  • What is the pallet /load profile (ex: height, weight)?
  • What is the Load Stacking Pattern (ex: column, interlocked, mixed)
  • Is the load profile type A, B or C?


Profile A: The “A” Profile load is normally cubed with no protrusions.This type of load has clean edges and are the easiest to wrap.

Profile B:  This type of pallet may have a few protrusions creating irregular sides. The “B” Profile pallets will need a better performance film that offers more puncture resistance.

Profile C:  “C” Profile pallets are the most hazardous type of load. These pallets are very irregular with many corners and sharp edges that are particularly difficult to wrap. This type of load requires a high performance film.

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