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Mullen vs. ECT: Is there a difference in corrugation tests?

What is the difference in corrugation tests and does it even matter? As packaging partners, we’re used to getting a lot of questions about how to best manage their packaging needs without spending needless amounts of money. One frequently asked question is about the difference in corrugation tests. Mullen board and ECT board are both very strong and capable types of corrugated, but, sometimes, choosing one over the other may save you time, money, and potential product damage. For many

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Change your packaging, lower your shipping: Is it really that easy?

It’s been over a year now since UPS and FedEx began charging by size, not just by weight.  Before the price increase, any ground shipment of a packaging size less than 3 feet was charged by weight only.  Since the price increase, all packages will be priced via dimensional weight. Historically, shipping costs have been calculated on the basis of gross weight.   But by charging only based on weight, large lightweight sized packages became unprofitable for freight carriers. These large, lightweight boxes would take up

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How reconfiguring your boxes can save you thousands

What if I told you there was a simple way to save costs on your packaging without changing materials, volume, or quality?  Are you laughing yet? What if I told you that it were as easy as the phrase “Deeper = Cheaper”?  OK, now I’m sure you’re definitely laughing.  (I giggle at that phrase too.) Changing the opening orientation of your boxes When it comes to using a regularly slotted case (a RSC) in the packaging world, changing the orientation

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Packaging analysis: can your time be better allocated?

Are problematic packaging operations costing you consumer satisfaction and validity to your on-time guarantees? Are you concerned with a delay in new product rollouts due to packaging uncertainties? Would it be attractive if new product development could be handed to a professional who would analyze each concern (unpredictability, damage and design) and from those assessments create a strategic approach complete with detailed recommendations? A package engineer may be just your solution! Innovative packaging analysis and process adaptation is derived through

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Contract packagers how-to guide

Returnables Management Services from Logic Packaging | Packaging Engineer Services

What is a Contract Packager? A contract packager is a company or organization that provides packaging services, facilities and/or equipment resources, knowledge and insight. The packaging services can range from the simple to the complex depending on the nature of your project. Are you experiencing damage? Are you looking to roll out a new product? Do you need someone to streamline your processes? Are you looking to reduce your bottom line and increase productivity? A contract packager acts as an

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