What Is VCI Packaging and Why Is It Important?

vci packaging VCI Paper prevents corrosion from rust

If you're in this industry, chances are you've heard about VCI packaging and how it directly impact your business. This packaging contains special chemicals that are scientifically designed to release rust-inhibiting molecules. These molecules attach to the surface area of the metal, protecting equipment from corrosion and rust during storage and transit. If you're in any of the following industries, please contact us today to understand how implementing VCI packaging during transit can help you.

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Chemical
  • Contract Packaging
  • Electronics
  • Export Packing and Shipping
  • Heavy Plant Machinery and Equipment
  • Locomotive
  • Metal Engineering
  • Military
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Precious and Semi-Precious Metals
  • Primary Metal Producers and Distributors

How Can VCI Packaging Be Used?

vci, volatile corrosion inhibitors, film BioTect VCI Film

In the industry, there is a VCI film for every application - multi-metallic, ferrous, non-ferrous, cast iron, and copper. These films are developed for long and short-term applications. The VCI film eliminates the need for oils and liquids, which leaves the metal clean, dry and ready for use. Most noteworthy, BioTect film is produced using natural ingredients and is amine and nitrite free. The BioTect film is the only film on the market that can protect metal parts that come into contact with food. BioTect is recognized as a significant innovation by professional associations because it sets new standards of occupational health and safety for VCI films.

vci, volatile corrosion inhibitors, paper VCI Paper

VCI papers are available in a variety of grades and constructions to protect metal products. The VCI packaging formula provides rapid corrosion protection both on contact and in the vapor phase. VCI paper is designed for long term protection of steel, cast iron, chrome, copper, brass and zinc. Consequently, VCI Papers are also environmentally friendly and cost-efficient.

vci, volatile corrosion inhibitors, liquid 3-Step VCI Liquid System

Volatile corrosion inhibitors are also available in liquid form for optimum coverage in all areas of the crafting and shipping process. The 3-level fluid system of oil-free and water-soluble concentrates ensure safe corrosion protection during all stages of metal treatment. The VCI infused liquid system offers complete corrosion protection and precision manufacturing of your products.

vci, volatile corrosion inhibitors, boards VCI Boards

VCI impregnated board offers excellent rust prevention that can be utilized either as a support product or as a standalone product. These boards are ideally suited for long term storage of parts and components (up to 5 years if used with hermetically-sealed VCI bag). Its low odor as well as environmentally friendly ingredients make it an ideal material for use in a wide range of applications.

VCI, volatile corrosion inhibitors, foams VCI Foam

VCI foams are specially formulated for expensive and delicate electronic equipment, components, ferrous and non-ferrous parts. VCI foams are also beneficial for heavy machinery from the corrosive effects of moisture, salts and pollutants. This foam features an ability to withhold a high load of vapor phase and contact corrosion inhibitors. Consequently, that gives foam over 10 times more metal corrosion protection coverage than the traditional VCI packaging. VCI foam can be placed in any position and is available in customized sizes.

VIC, volatile corrosion inhibitors, sachets VCI Sachets

VCI Sachets will protect mild steel, zinc, aluminium, copper, tin and other metals/alloys. Sachets are best used in addition with another form of VCI packaging such as the film or paper. Sachets can reach inaccessible areas and effective protection is achieved using it with VCI Paper. The sachets are environmentally and user friendly, contain no nitrites, phosphates or heavy metals, and are biodegradable.

BioCor VCI Power Card

vci, volatile corrosion inhibitors, power card BioCor VCI Power Card

With a high concentration of BioVCI, this emitter is designed to provide long term multi-metal corrosion protection. The recyclable Power Card is available in “credit card” format, and can be customized to fit your needs. The Power Card will give several years’ corrosion protection in sealed packages.

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